How much do I hate Columbus?


I have to say “Indian from India”.

I’ll leave you with that.

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Strange Foreign Laws You Might Break By Accident





Laws in foreign countries aren’t always the same as they are at home. That’s why it’s worth doing a little research before your vacation — so these crazy laws don’t take you by surprise, and possibly give you a lot of trouble!

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Strange Foreign Laws You Might Break By Accident

I wish we saw this 2 years ago, me & my boyfriend went to Venice and we got fined for like around $500 for feeding the pigeons there smh

Good thing I saw that stuff about Thailand as I’m going there in 3 weeks.

I’d like to see them catch me pee in the ocean.

It’s illegal to die in Westminster Palace.

Oops. A group and I broke #2

bitches, it’s fucking disgusting to have to endure dirty water (and this goes for pools as well). Get up and go to the toilet, don’t pee in our oceans and pools.

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